Monitoring fetal heart rate

Fetal cardiac function examination

During pregnancy ultrasound CTG is widely used as a means of assessing fetal cardiac function. Though the method presents no risks during the usual clinical test periods, for home monitoring non-invasive, passive methods seem to be more appropriate.

Monitoring baby respiration and heart rate

It may be prevented

Investigating the causes of sudden infant death researchers have long believed that respiratory arrest or apnea and/or heart rate deceleration are signs that, if detected, sudden infant death can be prevented.
Though the accurate cause of sudden infant death still remains unknown, monitoring infant respiration and heart rate may be of great help in diagnosing or preventing other conditions.

Screening childhood obesity and high blood pressure

Timely diagnosis

Due to sedentary lifestyle and eating habits obesity related hypertension occurs at an ever earlier age (4-6 years). It remains unsettled whether hypertension at this early age is a disease or a state. Diagnosing hypertension in children is not as easy as in the case of adults for their normal ranges of heart pressure differ greatly from those of adults.

Predicting ovulation for therapies

Infertility problems

As we are living in an aging society our objective is to support couples in their efforts to have children. It is our responsibility to provide proper treatment for those who want to have children but are infertile due to some cause. Infertility may be due to a number of causes. It is of utmost importance that doctors have a clear picture of the physiological factors that – in relation to our current project – are representative of the mother to be primarily.

Differentiating tremor types

Essential tremor – Parkinson’s tremor

Diagnosing tremor

In some cases, the differential diagnosis of neurological disorders associated with tremor is a difficult task. Even neurologists with many years of experience find it difficult to differentiate between types of diseases; decisions can only be made after several parameters of the movement disorder have been jointly evaluated. We have several methods to differentiate tremors but we are still short of one capable of synthetizing movement parameters.

Stroke rehabilitation

About stroke

In Hungary, 40.000 new stroke cases are diagnosed per year; stroke is a leading cause in long-term disability. In the past couple of years, medical science has come up with effective solutions for difficulties arising in the early phases of the disease but they affect only few patients. The cornerstone of treatment remains physical rehabilitation. Conventional physiotherapy (often in-hospital) is expensive and of limited access. We are in need of cheap, simple solutions that can be used at home by the patients themselves. It is of great importance that doctors and the physiotherapists can have an overview of the rehabilitation process even when the patient is not present at the training.
Almost half of stroke patients are hemiplegic

Telemonitoring pacemakers


Circa 3.000 routine inspections are carried out at the Cardiology Center of the Second Department of Medicine per year. Presently, 90% of the PM and ICD devices implanted at the Center are suited for telemonitoring, which allows for the replacement of personal visits to the clinic.

Measuring exposure to isotopes

The patient as source of radiation

In Hungary, 3.500 isotope treatments are performed each year, most of them in cases of thyroid disorder. During the treatment radioactive isotopes are introduced into the patient’s body either by ingestion or intravenous injection. In the first couple of days after treatment, patients become sources of radiation and their excreted urine, stool, sweat, and saliva contaminate the environment. In order to prevent the exposure of those living in the immediate vicinity some precautions must be taken for 5-10 days depending on the type of treatment.

Early detection of memory problems

Early detection

Early diagnosis of the disease and the recognition of the so called “prodromal syndrome”, a specific group of symptoms that may precede the onset of the illness, may greatly increase the chances of a successful therapy.  Currently, no such screening method is available that is capable of detecting this specific and sensitive condition. According to our research, however, this early, slight cognitive disorder has an effect on the speech of the patient, both on the acoustic form and the verbal content.

Analysis of pulse curve

plethysmograph left hand
plethysmograph right hand


Photoplethysmograpy is a practicable method for monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate in real time. The method is based on the following: an LED illuminates the finger, and from the intensity of the light reflected a signal proportional to blood pressure is received. Though the measurement is very simple, heartbeats can be detected reliably. From this heart rate can be calculated, which has diagnostic significance as its fluctuation may point to a number of diseases.