The patient as source of radiation

In Hungary, 3.500 isotope treatments are performed each year, most of them in cases of thyroid disorder. During the treatment radioactive isotopes are introduced into the patient’s body either by ingestion or intravenous injection. In the first couple of days after treatment, patients become sources of radiation and their excreted urine, stool, sweat, and saliva contaminate the environment. In order to prevent the exposure of those living in the immediate vicinity some precautions must be taken for 5-10 days depending on the type of treatment.

Environmental exposure becomes measurable

The word radioactivity conjures up all sorts of horror in many people's minds as one is most afraid of things one cannot sense, see, hear, smell etc.
We are offering patients and those working in patient care a mobile device that is capable of measuring environmental exposure, alarming with sound or vibration, and that makes personalized counseling possible by data transfer. Specialists of the Department of Nuclear Medicine provide remote monitoring to prevent any problem that might occur.

Several predefined measurements

The dosimeter communicates with a smartphone or tablet. In accordance with the diverse isotope treatments, several predefined measurements can be initiated and individual measurements can also be launched. The software based decision making helps in analyzing the measured values and alerts if immediate intervention is required. On the one hand, our system relieves patients and family members, dispels their doubts and fears; on the other hand, it minimalizes the exposure of those living in the immediate vicinity.