Circa 3.000 routine inspections are carried out at the Cardiology Center of the Second Department of Medicine per year. Presently, 90% of the PM and ICD devices implanted at the Center are suited for telemonitoring, which allows for the replacement of personal visits to the clinic.

Web-based monitoring system

Teleminitoring takes place through special “messenger” devices on a web interface. In knowledge of the number of the available “messengers” can patients be involved, primarily those with prophylactic ICD and severe, progressive diseases. The other group of patients is comprised of those who need to be monitored more closely due to the electric parameters of the implanted ICD-PM systems.

Detecting acute problems

In the past year, circa 50 patients have been involved in the telemonitoring system. Ineffective ICD-shocks, battery depletion, suboptimal basic parameters have been detected and a computer program has been modified. In some cases, on the request of the manufacturer, more regular check-up intervals have been introduced. In three cases, patient care at regional emergency departments has been facilitated by arrhythmology teleconsultations. Telemonitoring ICD-PM devices is a method suitable for patient care because acute problems can be detected sooner, and the burden on regional emergency departments reduced by replacing personal visits.