About stroke

In Hungary, 40.000 new stroke cases are diagnosed per year; stroke is a leading cause in long-term disability. In the past couple of years, medical science has come up with effective solutions for difficulties arising in the early phases of the disease but they affect only few patients. The cornerstone of treatment remains physical rehabilitation. Conventional physiotherapy (often in-hospital) is expensive and of limited access. We are in need of cheap, simple solutions that can be used at home by the patients themselves. It is of great importance that doctors and the physiotherapists can have an overview of the rehabilitation process even when the patient is not present at the training.
Almost half of stroke patients are hemiplegic

Once-daily therapy for optimal rehabilitation

For patients to recover hand functionality as quickly as possible it is essential to get therapy at least once daily. Furthermore, it is also important that patients have an opportunity to perform their daily therapeutic exercises when out of hospital.

A tool in your hand

In the current project we are developing a hardware-software solution that facilitates registration of the fine motor movements of the hand through a mobile phone or target hardware. Data will be collected by a cloud-based application that can be configured on a web interface.