Essential tremor – Parkinson’s tremor

Diagnosing tremor

In some cases, the differential diagnosis of neurological disorders associated with tremor is a difficult task. Even neurologists with many years of experience find it difficult to differentiate between types of diseases; decisions can only be made after several parameters of the movement disorder have been jointly evaluated. We have several methods to differentiate tremors but we are still short of one capable of synthetizing movement parameters.

Detecting fine movement anomalies with Leap motion

There are optic or electromagnetic sensors capable of detecting properties of certain tremor types. Our objective is – in addition to gain expertise in signal processing and to develop a single, cheap hardware – to build a system capable of providing a toolkit (e.g. pedometer, motion detector) suited for diagnostic and follow-up care even at remote monitoring places.

What is novel?

The idea behind our solution is a central server application capable of retrieving frequency, amplitude, their changes, and other properties from tremor. From these data, then, tremor type can be inferred by way of correlation analysis, whereby we get a simple, quick diagnostic pre-screening toolkit that can be used even by general practitioners.