Infertility problems

As we are living in an aging society our objective is to support couples in their efforts to have children. It is our responsibility to provide proper treatment for those who want to have children but are infertile due to some cause. Infertility may be due to a number of causes. It is of utmost importance that doctors have a clear picture of the physiological factors that – in relation to our current project – are representative of the mother to be primarily.

Accurate measurements will help

The most important factor is body temperature taken in the mouth immediately after awakening for it increases due to a sudden change in hormones at the time of ovulation and drops at the time of menstruation. Making predictions about ovulation on the basis of changes in body temperature can only be done with difficulty and only in a reactive manner; nevertheless, it can be made possible by collecting historical data for several months.

What is novel?

An electronic data logging solution helps patients cut on the number of the usually required visits to the clinical center. It also helps in determining which examinations to perform and when: from the data thus acquired an optimal time for ultrasound scans can be determined thereby reducing the expenses on behalf of both patients and the health budget. In addition, the great number of data allows for measurements of population dynamics.