Timely diagnosis

Due to sedentary lifestyle and eating habits obesity related hypertension occurs at an ever earlier age (4-6 years). It remains unsettled whether hypertension at this early age is a disease or a state. Diagnosing hypertension in children is not as easy as in the case of adults for their normal ranges of heart pressure differ greatly from those of adults.

Time for an automated system

Currently we are still in need of an overall, integrated diagnostic application that, in addition to classifying blood pressure values in children, is capable of making further recommendations.
Our application is the first pillar of an overall ecosystem that also takes genetic factors into account. Our objective is to become capable of recommending suitable antihypertensives and forecasting severe cardiovascular events based on the data thus acquired.

The current software and future innovations

On the basis of data provided by telemedicine, hypertension hazards, choice of medication, effective measuring of medication, and risk reduction can be closely monitored. In this project we are developing an application capable of prescreening children, monitoring changes – in view of gender and age – in their blood pressure values on the basis of some basic, measured vital parameters (weight, height, and blood pressure), and visually representing their status relative to the overall population.