The current explosion in mobile technology and telemedicine demands that this multifaceted area be centered in organizations in order for telemedical tools to spread more swiftly and uniformly in the future.

Our objective is to establish a development center at the University of Szeged that builds on telemedical tools and turns medical / IT / economic expertise into specific products and, eventually, into money – in the form of startup companies.

The Inclouded Center is being created within the framework of the Telemedicine Oriented Research in the Fields of Mathematics, Informatics, and Medical Sciences Project and facilitates work processes of various fields of science, which processes will then be utilized in later innovations.

This is what we aim to emphasize with Inclouded, the name of the development center. It includes all the elements necessary for a successful, telemedicine based business enterprise. The above figure the scientific disciplines that contribute to the uniqueness of the center.

The development center will be operating in a project based manner under the leadership of a thorough, professional, and goal-oriented project management. The experts of the three fields (medical / IT / economic) are academics, who, in addition to their teaching activities, focus on research and development and therefore see great prospects in telemedicine based tool development.

In addition to our experts, project based work will also be carried out still within the framework of the Telemedicine oriented project. The uniqueness of the Inclouded Innovative Telemedicine Development Center, as compared to other, similar initiatives, is insured by the fact that the infrastructure presented in the third, outer circle of the above is fully available. In Information Technology, such is e.g. the Inclouded platform facilitating swift realization of various project ideas (on occasion, 90% time and resource savings by means of the Telemedicine system) and the platform expediting collection and analysis of large amounts of (involving e.g. 10.000 patients) anonymous information and data obtained from various medical statements.

The medical background formed over decades of clinical experiences, the professional experience of our experts in healthcare and clinical experiments greatly strengthen the effectiveness of the Inclouded Development Center. Plays a role in putting innovative telemedical products on the market, doing preliminary market research, and providing the legal basis for protecting innovative products.

The Development Center, chiefly with the involvement of experts from the University of Szeged, collects the diverse project ideas but it is open to seek other sources as well. Development costs are gained from the spin-offs of the central project.